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    These are not “a collection of priceless artefacts belonging to the writer” but merely some commonplace objects which belonged to Jane Austen.

    As I show in my biography “Jane Austen – a New Revelation” the true author of the novels was her cousin and sister in law, Eliza de Feuillide. Eliza could not publish under her own name because she was the illegitimate daughter of Warren Hastings, the Governor General of India.

    Eliza de Feuillide died in April 1813. A surviving letter of Jane Austen’s dated 29 January 1813 records that all of the novels had been completed by then, and even records the price that they intended to charge for each of them. To disguise the true author, on the death of Jane Austen in 1817 the Austen family destroyed all of Eliza de Feuillide’s letters and all but 200 of Jane Austen’s 3000 letters.

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