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    Thames Water say they have written to 100’s of people in Basingstoke. There are 100’s of thousand houses and 10’s of thousand businesses in their area. 100’s are a drop in the ocean.
    AND no comment about the self imposed “deadline”

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    The Government has known about Surface Water Drainage Charge Fraud (and also Highway Drainage Charge Fraud) since before privatisation occurred, and private water companies have known for the more than 28-years that have followed since. Tens of billions of pounds lost to fraud. The “rebates” are a part of the fraud, these are not refunds, but are later recovered by water companies by design.

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    There is also a third form of widespread fraud involving water companies:

    1) Almost all installed water-meters cannot differentiate between volumes of water and volumes of air (and other gases) that pass through them.

    2) Air (and other gases) commonly cause these “volumetric” water-meters to violently “overspin” forwards resulting in overcharging for water and wastewater.

    3) Water companies and water-meter manufacturers conceal the volumetric water-meter design flaw and the fraudulent overcharging for water and wastewater which results from it.

    4) The metered water-bills involving almost all installed water-meters across the United Kingdom are intrinsically inaccurate and unsafe.

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